Scientists have successfully dated some of the oldest stars in Milky Way galaxy

Some of the stars were originally part of a satellite galaxy called Gaia-Enceladus.

A cryogenic controller chip to control qubits

A cryogenic controller chip opens the door to solving the ‘wiring bottleneck’ and subsequently to realize a fully integrated, scalable quantum computer.

Supermassive black holes devour gas just like smaller, stellar-mass black holes

Regardless of size, all black holes experience similar accretion cycles, a new study finds.

Premature boys age faster as men, study

They do not do as well as their normal-weight counterparts or preemie girls.

Treating aggressive childhood cancer with multimodal therapy

Together, it is hoped these results will lead to a new therapy for aggressive childhood cancer.

Low levels of a sugar metabolite associated with progressive disability and neurodegeneration in multiple sclerosis

GlcNAc is reduced in the serum of progressive MS patients and those with worse clinical disability and neurodegeneration.

Three regions in our brain store the memories of a familiar place

Scientists reveal three brain areas that bridge the brain's perception and memory systems.

New magnetostrictive material for more efficient computing

Harnessing the hum of fluorescent lights for more efficient computing.

Scientists designed the world’s fastest information-fueled engine

A remarkably fast engine that taps into a new kind of fuel — information.

The first-ever discovery of an extraterrestrial radioactive isotope on Earth

Alien radioactive element prompts creation rethink.

Scientists identified genes associated with COVID-19 risk

Scientists identified specific genes' markers that share their effects on gene expression and protein levels with COVID-19 susceptibility.

This gene is genetically responsible for Portal Hypertension

Genomic analysis to determine the cause of unexplained portal hypertension.

Hydrogen can bond strongly with iron in extreme conditions

There may be up to 70 times more hydrogen in Earth's core than in the oceans.