Astronomers discovered the largest rotation in the universe

A rotation on such enormous scales has never been seen before.

Immune cell activation: Scientists deciphered the details of it

How do immune cells get activated?

Immune system protein may defend against deadly necrotizing enterocolitis in infants

Findings may lead to new therapies for necrotizing enterocolitis.

Intermittent fasting might be less effective in weight loss

It is no magic bullet for weight loss.

The mystery of the ‘Great Dimming of Betelgeuse’ solved

The images show how its brightness changed.

Turning a single photo into a video

Sometimes photos cannot truly capture a scene.

What makes us sneeze?

Scientists identified neural mechanisms behind sneezing.

Student developed a life-saver medical device

A tool that helps medical staff create a new airway for patients in an emergency.

How and why some Covid-19 patients can develop life-threatening blood clots?

The study could lead to targeted therapies that prevent this from happening.

A new and more efficient computing method opens up possibilities for new discoveries

A more robust and flexible approach than trying to use a quantum computer alone.

New technology converts lint-microfibers found in clothes dryers into energy

By converting lint microfibers produced by 1 million people, almost 14 tons of oil, 21.5 tons of gas, and nearly 10 tons of char could be produced.

The boundary of the heliosphere has been mapped for the first time

Understanding how solar and interstellar winds interact.

Children growing up with HIV infection have concerning deficits in skeletal strength

Study raises concerns for the long-term impact of this drug on the skeletal health of adolescents across the region.

The spin of Milky Way’s galactic bar has slowed by about a quarter

The counterweight slowing this spin must be dark matter.

LHCb measured a tiny mass difference between two particles

The result is a milestone in studying how a particle known as a D0 meson changes from matter into antimatter and back.