Four-stranded DNA structures play a key role in rare aging disease

The results show something that scientists thought was impossible to form within cells.

New technique represent 3D scenes from images about 15,000 times faster

The technique enables the real-time rendering of scenes in 3D.

Astronomers spotted ultra-light and super-fast planet

Discovery of the sub-Earth planet.

China’s Yutu 2 rover spotted a mysterious object on moon’s far side

A mystery house on the dark side of the Moon.

Similitude between male spider attracted by female and planet orbiting star

When animal magnetism meets fatal attraction.

Study analyzed changes in blooms in the Red Sea Bioregions

Researchers were able to find interannually variability in Phytoplankton blooms that responded to cyclical climatic changes.

US Adult’s Blood pressure level significantly impacted during COVID-19 Pandemic

Blood pressure control worsened in both men and women with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States in 2020.

COVID-19 Pandemic delayed cancer diagnosis

The researchers found a decline in cancer detection procedures and also fewer new diagnoses of cancer in 2020.

CMS collaboration reports a value for the Higgs boson’s lifetime

The value has a small enough uncertainty to confirm that the particle has a tiny lifetime.

Astronomers found dark-matter free galaxies

Even after 40 hours of observations, the evidence for a dark matter-free galaxy only became stronger.

GeoMol: New deep learning model to predict the 3D shapes of a molecule

Taking some of the guesswork out of drug discovery.

Why do neurons consume so much energy even when at rest?

Brain Drain: The finding is a significant advance in understanding the basic biology of the brain.

Scientists documented a never-before-seen state of matter -quantum spin liquids

Scientists observed a state of matter predicted and hunted for 50 years but never previously observed.

Another milestone in the study of our solar system’s protective bubble

Neutral hydrogen particles streaming from outside our solar system most likely play a crucial role in the way our heliosphere takes shape.

Micro-device to transform invisible light into visible light

The breakthrough will lead to a new class of compact sensors for thermal imaging and chemical or biological analysis.